MASSIVE Channel Update – DIY Project Trailers v2019

FPV Antenna Tracker, DIY Arduino Projects, FPV Long Range Build Logs, Quadcopters, Bushcraft / Survival, Taranis RC Radio Mods, you name it, i’m going to be working on it this year with you!

I have organised the projects i’ll be sharing with you and linked them so you can click and jump between projects, Ideally. just make a drink, take a seat and see if anything sparks your interest. All comments welcome!


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02:05 The Ultimate FPV Antenna Tracker

The Ultimate FPV Antenna Tracker!

Here I offer a few more details of my Ultimate FPV Antenna Tracker. I will be putting out a ‘Total Teardown’ video of this project. There are more than 400 parts that make up this design. It should be an interesting video series in the future. I also have several NEW designs I will be sharing with you on my channel.

Here is the working prototype video:

Here is the original design / concept video:

05:20 Taranis RC Mods & Guides

I have used Futaba RC Controllers for more than 25 years! I have recently switched to the Fr-Sky Taranis X9D+.

I love this controller, its open-source software, highly upgradable & configurable menus, I am already a big fan!. I’ve already completed several modifications and I’m keen to share them with you.

08:54 Bugout / Survival & Bushcraft

I had a great time at the last 2018 Bushcraft / Survival camp. I’ve got a whole bunch of new gear and i’ll be doing a total reveal of all the bits in my bugout bag / survival pack.

I’ve invested heavily in my Bushcraft / Wild Camp setup and following a massive amount of research of hundreds of options of gear, I can bring you a great pack list that will have you outlasting everyone else when SHTF! ;)

Here is the original 2018 Bushcraft / Wild Camp Weekend video:

11:22 T.I.A – DIY Artificial Intelligence

T.I.A is my Tactical Intelligence Assistant. ‘She’ is my DIY Artificial Intelligence (Arduino based).

It is my design for a mobile (wireless) FPV Ground Station, security, monitoring and home automation system (IoT). Particularly geared towards the RC / FPV market amongst others. Massive project – keep up to date with my latest updates on this A.I project that i’ve been working on for more than 5 years!

Here is the original T.I.A Voice Synthesis Demo Video:

18:12 Up & Coming FPV & RC Builds

I love RC, and i’ve been flying FPV since the 90’s! Follow me as I build new (& old) FPV aircraft such as the Mini-Talon, 250 Quadcopter, TBS Discovery Quadcopter and more! I’ve built hundreds of aircraft from kits over the years, i’m sure to have some highly valuable build tips at the ready so don’t miss out!

Original Long Range FPV flight with my TBS Discovery:

22:08 Solar / Off-Grid Power Banks

I have spent a lot of time researching and working with all kinds of renewable energies. Solar, Inverters, Dynamos, Peltiers – you name it i’ve tried it! What’s more, I’ve worked with a whole host of battery chemistries such as Lead Acid, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion, LTO, LiFePO4 and MORE!

Subscribe and keep up to date with my latest experiments and inventions, especially around the Off-grid / Battery Bank type products.

24:55 More Mods & CLOSING MESSAGE

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